Hacienda "Kaan Ac"

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A love story among an ancient culture

From the Mayan language Kaan Ac: The height of Heaven. "Lionel and Berenguela" met and developed their love story, far from fiction or fairy tales. This took place in the Yucatan Peninsula, heart of the Mayan world at the Hacienda "El Olimpo" today known as Kaan Ac, surrounded by spectacular views, adventure, treasure and culture. You can find the details of this amazing story in "El Filibustero," a book written by Eligio Ancona in 1864.

The castle, Hacienda Kaan Ac is where Lionel and Berenguela lived in the most exclusive luxury and refinement of the XVI Century.

Within the 172,000 square meters of land you will find the main building of the XVI century, with 6 exclusive Suites and Junior Suites and next to the castle 4 beautiful Villas, all equipped for your convenience and comfort. With the swimming pool and large gardens to choose from you can pick your perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Between the main buildings, the property has a XVII century Chapel with a large front garden, perfect for outdoor gatherings of up to 1500 people, all served by the restaurant "El Filibustero" which is across the other side of this magnificent garden in the shade of “La Ceiba”, the sacred tree of the Mayans and of great significance to this culture.

Haciend Kaan Ac has been created with tranquility, relaxation and comfort in mind for those seeking something special. If you are looking for a combination of relaxation and adventure you can find this with us, walking around the grounds of the Hacienda, discovering its beautiful cenote , the crops and large gardens, plus the obligatory visit to Ichmul with its’ archaeological remains and an impressive cenote.

Kaan Ac is located in Valladolid, Yucatan, with direct access from the highway from Cancun or Merida, the two largest cities that are used to arrive, just one hour and thirty minutes away in each direction, Kaan Ac is a perfectly located to visit and enjoy the Mexican Caribbean or the ancient cities of Ek Balam and Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Lionel’s life took him to become a fierce pirate in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico accumulating an unimaginable treasure of gold, precious stones and diverse valuable objects. According to legend Leonel and Berenguela lie somewhere in the vast land of the Hacienda and Leonel’s treasure has not yet been discovered. Visit us and learn the full story of Lionel and Berenguela el Olimpo.

Hacienda "Kaan Ac", the height of heaven, where treasure is still to be found.


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